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Heart-Based Singing

Agatha Carubia lovingly directs you to the core of your singing technique with the simplicity and passion inspired by 30 years of teaching success.  Using a hybrid of the Eastern chakra energy system and the classical Bel Canto vocal technique, Heart-Based Singing serves as a trouble-shooting template for your voice, with practical exercises, tools and solutions for immediate improvement.

Heart-Based Singing serves speakers, singers of all levels, yogis, sound healers, and anyone who truly wants to find comfort in their vocal production by introducing the physical area of the heart as the hub of comfort, authenticity, and secure expression.

A unique treasure of vocal wisdom, Heart-Based Singing will be the sole guide to understanding, refining and developing your voice. 

In 2016, Heart-Based Singing was chosen as one of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement 
Award Winners! 

Available for purchase on the Store page.

“All the author's advice is priceless, and beautifully written."Heart-Based Singing" is a vocal performer's guide to enlightened self improvement, incorporating chakra -based energy infusions into classic vocal technique and training in unforgettable ways.”

     -Nancy Lorraine, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"I am almost done with your book. I am enjoying it very much and find it refreshing. I bet that is something your colleagues have said to you - refreshing. It is a very good counter balance to the mechanical approach we often see that segregates the mechanism's function - separating the singer from both joy and aesthetic success. The title is the best: heart - based... as a stage director, I find that I have to reconnect the actor to why they loved performance in the first place. The engine of their art was sparked by a sensation and buoyancy and glow they felt in their heart. Heart-Based Singing reclaims and anchors singing to that natural wonderful moment."

     -David Herendeen, Director of Opera and Musical Theater, Oklahoma City University

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