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Heart - Based Singing Teacher Training


In an effort to enrich the studios of voice teachers and pianists who coach singers, Heart-Based Singing has become a home of vocal pedagogical support and instruction.


Heart-Based Singing Teacher Training sessions are ongoing throughout the year.  It is a multi-layered training, naturally and organically implemented with workshops each summer in Santa Barbara.  Currently, Heart-Based Singing teachers are being trained from New York, San Francisco, and Boulder, Colorado.

Curriculum and Requirements:

I        Education 


Bachelor Degree of Music in vocal performance or vocal piano.  


Equivalent experience in teaching or coaching singers.


II       Singing Proficiency


Live evaluation or video performance of six (6) songs.  


2 Italian art songs

1 Schubert lied

1 Faure art song 

1 musical theater piece 

1 American folk song 


III       Workshop Attendance


Attend four (4) workshops or their equivalent for pedagogical training, 

coaching, and evaluation.


IV       Piano Proficiency


You should be able to play scales in all keys, sight-read 

accompaniments to the “24 Italian Songs and Arias”, and “Folk Songs 

for Solo Singers, Volume I.  In difficult sections, it is permissible to 

play bass clef only.


V       Auditing and Discussion


Audit 6 of Agatha’s lessons and then discuss our methodology.


VI       Testing


Demonstrate your working knowledge of the Heart-Based Singing 

method through live or video taped teaching of 4 different students. 

There will be an essay, discussion and review of your teaching.


VII       Certification

I    The “Associate Teacher Certificate” will be awarded when you have

met the requirements above.  This award provides you with the Heart-Based Singing stamp of approval for safely guiding and protecting the growth of the young singer.


II    The "Foundational Heart-Based Singing Technique Teacher" certification is awarded to those who have demonstrated great talent for singing, teaching, ease of communication of technique, and use of intuition in working with singers.


III    The "Heart-Based Singing Teacher" certification

is for those who would like to teach Heart-Based Singing workshops and to advance their study on a deeper level.  Such teachers will have a penchant for sound healing, be yoga teachers,and have a meditation practice.  Applicants will be chosen by interview.


VIII       Certification Fee


Fee schedule is available upon request.


IX         Subsequent Training


Heart-Based Singing Workshops are held each summer in Santa Barbara.  This is an opportunity to be a student again to refresh your own practice and to teach again under Agatha’s guidance.  


Instruction on esoteric uses of the voice and sound healing are available upon request.




February 11, 2019

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