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    Grace is an album of chants and prayers that come from the Yoga tradition. Agatha Carubia, now offers her own voice of devotion. "Grace" is a natural outpouring of her "Heart-Based Singing" technique, and from her life as a Yogi. Her inspiration to record came after years of studying ancient texts, and practicing Tantric Yoga, which included Neelakantha deep meditation and daily chanting. Being a singer and composer, the traditional chants and verses provided fertile ground for musical expansion, composition and arrangement. This contribution is meant to bring the listener into a state of meditation and peace. 


      Grace: The CD





    We are happy to announce the release of Agatha's new CD on June 6th 2015.


    Available for purchase on iTunes and more.

"Bel canto legato and bhajan/raga melodic fusion! Absolutely brilliant."

                 - Tomas

"Loved the tracks! So beautiful and effervescent. And your voice sounds incredible with this music!"                        - David Paul, stage director

1) Om, Namaste, Welcome

    The greeting Sri Mooji gives at the beginning of Satsang

2) Chant to Dakshinamurti

  To Lord Siva as the Supreme Guru, Physician, Source of Wisdom and Grace.  

Dedicated to Professor Paul Muller-Ortega.


3) Lingashtakam

    I found a good translation on this page:


4) Ganapaty Atharva Sirsa Part 1


5) Ganapaty Atharva Sirsa Part 2


6) Ganapaty Atharva Sirsa Part 3

    It is said that when you chant to Ganesha, obstacles in your path will fall away. 

    For deep studies in meditation and study of sacred texts

    In advanced studies in Blue Throat Yoga, we learned and practiced this chant as part 

of our sadhana. I believe it moved me to make this whole musical offering.


7) Shanti Patha 

Recitation of Serenity: From Fullness comes Fullness, and taking Fullness from 

Fullness, Fullness remains. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.



For hard copy, please see order form on the store page, or go to iTunes or CD Baby for digital.


      Chants and meanings


    " There was a teacher named Agatha Danoff (Carubia) who was my vocal teacher and music teacher at the Music Academy of the West. It was very fancy and I didn't come from any money … and she always used to give me a break on my lessons. I owe her a lot of credit and I appreciate that she looked out for me when I didn't have enough money to pay."
          - Katy Perry on Education


Katy Perry has "teamed with Staples to "Make Roar Happen" by raising money for teachers through the end, the $1 million campaign will help fund supplies for thousands of classrooms in the cities the star's Prismatic World Tour visits."


Read the full article here:

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