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About Heart-Based Singing

Our Philosophy



Heart-Based Singing is your connection to a cutting edge strategy of classical vocal technique which enhances and refines all types of singing including pop, musical theater, and classical singing.


Heart-Based Singing is rooted in science and anatomy, while taking into consideration natural energy patterns and flow. Its foundational and straightforward presentation is accessible for amateur and professional singers alike.


It is subtle as well: it fine-tunes and suggests ways to enjoy singing from an energetic perspective.


As a mentorship and certification program for new voice teachers, the principles of Heart-Based Singing are offered to help clarify your pedagogy and to uplift your vocal studio.


Freedom and its complement of stability within the body is explored and brought into consciousness through this fun and beautiful approach. 


An informed singer is an empowered, happy singer

Technique is our mantra: free breath equals free voice  

In Heart Based Singing your heart is the hub of all expression 

Your body is a divine gift with which you express the highest part of yourself

It is your birthright to sing

    " Agatha Carubia's Heart Based Singing presents an updated and contemporary approach to the time- honored tradition of bel canto. She provides valuable and accessible lessons, which are soundly based on her years of experience as singer and voice instructor. Her passion and dedication to the art of singing will inspire singers of all levels. "
          - Eudora Brown (Operatic mezzo-soprano)

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